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#TechTalk: Electronic Power Steering

Posted February 17, 2022

In the previous installment of #TechTalk, we talked about Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS). This time, we will discuss the newer, more efficient, and less complicated power steering system—the Electronic Power Steering (EPS).

What is it?

In an Electric Power Steering system, an electric motor supports the vehicle steering, which makes driving more optimal and enjoyable.

How does it work?

When the driver turns the steering wheel, a motor connected to the steering gear turns the front wheels. Sensors detect which way the steering wheel is turned to assist the movement of the steering gear in the correct direction.

1. Steering wheel, 2. MDPS motor, 3. MDPS ECU, and 4. Steering gear box. Illustration from HKona.com

The EPS eliminates hydraulics and pressurized fluid from the system. Unlike a Hydraulic Power Steering system that continuously drives a hydraulic pump, the advantage of an EPS over an HPS system is that it powers the EPS motor only when necessary, resulting reduced vehicle fuel consumption.