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Care on Wheels: The Gr而且 Starex Cargo Ambulance


A recent World Bank (WB) study urges more investment in healthcare systems for “long COVID” as a less costly alternative to lockdowns. Given the experience of the past two years, it pays to have your local community prepared for a health emergency.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there should be at least one ambulance serving every 100,000名患者. Having an EMS on h而且 is no longer a luxury, but a practical response to providing the public quick, 非常高效。, 及时的, 而且 perhaps more affordable life-saving services.

Did you know that it takes exactly nine minutes to save a person who suffered a stroke or a massive cardiac arrest?

It therefore pays to have at least the basic ambulance to serve your local community, 学校, 公司, 或者邻里协会.

这就需要打破常规的思维. It goes without saying that the ambulance should be managed by a well-trained medical team 而且 a certified ambulance driver. Then, let the HYUNDAI GRAND STAREX CARGO’S key features work for you. It has the potential of meeting Department of Health (DOH) st而且ards for a Type 1 ambulance on account of its famously spacious interiors, 光滑而坚韧的身体, 驱动功率, 流畅的操作.

Twin-swing rear doors 而且 the signature dual sliding doors make for quick 而且 convenient boarding, 加载, 和卸载.

宽敞的背部是可定制的. Partition panels * serve as a safety barrier between the driver 而且 patient compartments.

Hyundai’s 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty assures peace of mind in the first five years of ownership 而且 operation, backed by Hyundai’s signature technology 而且 quality engineering poured into manufacturing every unit.

The front-mounted engine design cuts down on noise, 振动, 严酷和炎热, 而且 absorbs the impact in the event of a frontal collision, protecting the driver 而且 front passengers. 安全特性, like the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)* allows for better drive control, 这就使得一个平滑的, 舒适的, 而且 safe ride for your precious passengers 而且 equipment.

Dual Front Airbags* at the steering wheel 而且 dashboard provide added protection to the driver 而且 front passenger.

Finally, all three variants of the HYUNDAI GRAND STAREX CARGO are powered by a 2.5 CRDi (Euro 4) engine mated with 6-speed manual transmission to provide the power to get you through mounting traffic 而且 the fuel efficiency to help you save on operational costs.

With 非常高效。 management 而且 administration, every HYUNDAI GRAND STAREX CARGO AMBULANCE put at the service of the community can give the much needed boost to the local healthcare system, post-COVID. You can also consider doing your own EMS startup 而且 join the growing community of entrepreneurs who have happily discovered its endless possibilities for driving business in the New Normal.

*Available in select Gr而且 Starex Cargo variants.



  • Ground ambulances have an estimated value projection of US$42.50亿(B)到2027年.
  • EMS has branched into innovative services, such as the provision of Uber-like emergency transport, 跨部门服务, or offering the same vehicle as both a fully equipped ambulance 而且 a shuttle for transporting patients to 而且 from their medical appointments.
  • There are at least 10 well-known private 而且 government-owned ambulance companies in the Philippines.
  • Costs of private ambulances are generally higher 而且 vary among the different providers. 服务是按菜单收费的.”
  • Local EMS rates range from P5,000-10,000++. This could balloon depending on peak periods, 假期, 旅行的距离, 还有病人的病情.

Must-have Equipment for a Type 1 DOH-accredited Ambulance



  • 3-seat bench with 2-pint seatbelts 而且 underneath cabinet
  • Aluminum grab rail on top of patient stretcher
  • Built-in cabinet with sliding acrylic glass door 而且 at least 3 shelves


  • 带带轮式担架
  • 折叠担架
  • 骨科担架
  • 带背带脊椎板
  • 固定设备
  • Automatic external defibrillator (AED) with portable ECG
  • 喷雾器
  • 便携式吸盘机
  • 检查光
  • 无液血压计
  • Heavy duty stethoscopes (1 pediatric, 1 adult)
  • 非接触式温度计
  • 带条式血糖仪
  • Manual resuscitators for adult, pediatric, 而且 infant
  • 带氧疗装置的氧气瓶
  • 喉镜组
  • 成人及幼童用气管内插管
  • 交付组


  • Fire extinguisher (2A10BC rating), mounted
  • Heavy duty LED flashlight at least 1000 lumens
  • 额外的电池
  • 第四座
  • Air purifier with multi-stage air filters
  • Garbage container at least 3-liter capacity
  • Sharps container with sliding lid with a capacity of at least 1liter
  • 个人防护装备(PPE)


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