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请求报价 找一个经销商 预约服务 注册更新 与mg代理注册聊天


促销现状: 完成



2021年10月15日至2021年12月31日 延长至2022年1月31日






  • The Hyundai Car-regalo Promo and Raffle are open to all Hyundai customers (individual, 舰队, corporate) who will purchase any Hyundai passenger car (i.e., 雷纳, 口音, 背风面, 大浮油松香, Veloster, H100, Veloster, Ioniq, 地点和图森),2021年10月15日至12月31日, 2021. 促销期延长至2022年1月31日.
  • 哈里 reserves the right to verify the eligibility and identity of each participant.
  • 哈里的官员和员工, 其附属公司, 子公司, 经销商, as well as the immediate family members and relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity/affinity of such officers/员工 are disqualified from joining the Raffle Draw.



  • Every purchase of a Hyundai passenger car vehicle covered in this promo from any dealer nationwide entitles the customer to avail of any of the following packages, 如下:
0 DP每月低首付每月50%首付(适用现金折扣)每月
No. 免费每月摊销(60 Mos术语)(现金折扣应用)(60 Mos术语)(60 Mos术语)
雷纳雷纳1.4 GL 5吨683,0003   17,062 144,90011,954341,5007,038
雷纳1.4 GL 4733,0003   18,311 159,90012,829366,5007,664
口音口音1.4 GL MT无SRS790,0005   19,735 137,00013,827395,0007,376
口音1.4 GL在w/o SRS838,0004   20,934 151,40014,667419,0007,976
口音1.4 GL MT w/ SRS838,0004   20,934 151,40014,667419,0007,976
口音1.4 GL在w/ SRS890,0004   22,233 167,00015,577445,0008,626
口音1.6 CRDi GL MT910,0004   22,732 173,00015,927455,0008,876
口音1.6 CRDi GL AT1,038,0003   25,930 211,40015,667519,00010,476
背风面背风面 2.方位0,方位61,188,000- - 97,60023,763594,00011,352
大浮油松香大浮油松香2.5 CRDi GLS FL (Dsl-Swivel) AT2,225,000- - 205,00044,5061,112,50021,815
大浮油松香2.5 CRDi GLS黄金AT2,328,000- - 225,60046,5661,164,00023,103
大浮油松香2.5 CRDi GLS 5 at Premium2,928,000- - 345,60058,5681,464,00030,604
大浮油松香2.5 CRDi GL 6MT货物(CC)1,418,000- - 283,60028,364709,00017,727
大浮油松香2.5 CRDi GL 6MT货物(VC)1,425,000- - 285,00028,504712,50017,815
大浮油松香2.5 CRDi GL 6MT货物(D1)1,475,000- - 295,00029,504737,50018,440
大浮油松香2.5 CRDi GL 6MT货物(D2)1,468,000- - 293,60029,364734,00018,352
H-1002.5 CRDi GL 6M/T (Dsl,带A/C)1,005,0003    25,105 101,00020,103502,50010,064
2.5 CRDi GL 6M/T (Dsl,无空调)965,0004        24,106 93,00019,303482,5009,564
Veloster1.6 T-GDi GLS 7DCT1,798,000- - 359,60035,965899,00022,478
Ioniq1.6gls 6DCT(混合)1,548,000- - 309,60030,964774,00019,353
聚会地点1.6 gl 6985,000- - 197,00019,703492,50012,314
1.6 GL 6915,000- - 183,00018,302457,50011,439
图森2.0gl 6m / t 2wd1,368,0004           34,173 113,60027,364684,00013,102
2.0 gl 6a / t 2wd1,448,0004           36,172 119,60028,964724,00013,852
2.0 CRDi GL 8A/T 2WD (Dsl)1,715,0003           42,841 173,00034,305857,50017,190
2.0 CRDi GLS 8A/T 2WD (Dsl)1,885,0003           47,088 227,00037,705942,50019,815

  • All bank financing offered in this promo are subject to compliance with the requirements of the banks and their approval.
  • Freight and handling charges will be added to vehicle purchases, if applicable.
  • Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offers or promotions outside the Car-regalo Promo and Raffle program.


  • All customers who purchases a Hyundai passenger car vehicle covered in this promo from October 15 to December 31, 2021 from any dealer nationwide entitles the customer to join the Raffle Draw.
  • Each customer shall have one raffle entry for every Hyundai passenger car purchased. More Hyundai passenger cars purchased, means more raffle entries.
  • 在交易完成后, the customer’s details and information of the sales will be encoded in the Sales Information Management System (SMIS) of 哈里 (same as the usual monthly practice of encoding sales).
  • The deadline of encoding of sales and customer details (submission of entries) will be on December 31, 2021 6:00pm.
  • 1月6日, 2022 the 哈里 SMIS Manager will download and validate the sales and customer information and seal the entries for the actual raffle draw that will happen on January 7, 2022年,DTI代表出席.
  • Winners will be drawn on January 7, 2022 with the presence of a DTI representative. 另一个获胜者也将为Veloster抽签, in case that the original winner drawn is unable to fulfill the requirements needed to claim the prize.


  • 获奖者将于1月14日公布, 2022 via the official website and FB page of Hyundai Philippines as well as the official Facebook Page of the Hyundai dealer.

    • One (1) customer will have the chance to win one (1) brand new 现代Veloster.
    • One (1) customer will have the chance to win one (1) year Free Shell Fuel worth Php25,000.
    • Twenty (20) winners of one (1) year FREE Roadside Assistance (worth Php12,000 each)
    • Ten (10) winners will have a chance to win Shell V-power set (1 set = 1 Umbrella, 一辆车帘, 1汽车充电器)
    • 奖品不可转让或兑换现金.
    • For the Veloster, prize tax of 20% of the SRP shall be shouldered by 哈里. 其他杂费(我.e.  Insurance, LTO registration) shall be shouldered by the winner.


    • 哈里将透过挂号邮件与得奖者联络, 电子邮件, and call upon verification of their win with the instructions on how to claim their prize.


      • Claiming of prizes is up to 60 days from receipt of registered mail. Unclaimed prize after 60 days from receipt of the registered mail shall be forfeited with prior DTI approval.
      • Valid government ID and copy of the sales invoice must be presented to be verified by 哈里 and the dealer.
      • Prior to the actual awarding, insurance and LTO registration fees must be settled by the winner. Failure to do so may delay the actual release of the prize.


      通过参加比赛, each participant grants 哈里 permission to use their complete name, 电子邮件, 和条目, 永久, for marketing and publicity purposes without payment of additional consideration, 法律禁止的除外.


      Any attempt to damage the content or operation of the Raffle Draw is unlawful and subject to possible legal action by 哈里.

      哈里保留终止的权利, 暂停或修改程序, 因为任何原因, 包括, 但不限于, if 哈里 determines that the raffle cannot be conducted as planned should a virus, 错误, 篡改或未经授权的干预, technical failure or other cause beyond 哈里’s control to corrupt the administration, 安全, 公平, 节目的完整性或适当发挥. In the event any 篡改或未经授权的干预 may have occurred, 哈里 reserves the right to void suspected entries at issue.


      参加抽奖活动, 每位参与者同意赔偿, release and hold harmless 哈里’s 下属 and 子公司, Facebook平台, 广告和促销机构, 以及他们各自的军官, 高管, 员工, 代表和代理人不承担任何责任, 损害赔偿, 造成全部或部分的损失或伤害, 直接或间接, in their participation or in the use or misuse of any prize that shall be won.

      哈里, 下属, 子公司不做任何担保, 明示或默示, 至于条件, fitness or merchant ability of the prize and disclaims any liability for damage to any computer system resulting from access to or the downloading of information or materials connected with competition.

      通过参加抽奖活动, you hereby agree that you have read and understood the requirements, 规则, 还有规定的条款和条件.

      DTI公平贸易许可证编号. 2021年FTEB-129077系列.


      此次活动由现代菲律宾公司负责, 绝对没有赞助, endorsed or administered by or associated with any third party. You are providing your information solely to Hyundai Philippines. Participation in this promotion is subject to the official mechanics.