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People who endorse Garry to be VA Second District's representative in Congress

I have grown up watching my parents helping family, friends, neighbors and employees. Their hearts are bigger than their bodies and that's why I know my Dad is the best person for this job. I have seen his passion and devotion towards the people in our lives and I know he would bring that same drive to Congress and genuinely try to work for the people and fight for their concerns. I am so very proud of my Dad! <3 :) — Nicole Hubbard

I'm happy to see so Garry Hubbard run for congress in my district. The more I hear him articulate his positions on issues dear to me, the more I know I would be happy to see him represent for us. I was happy to hear he won't take NRA money and knows that the 2nd amendment applies to well regulated militia and that right to bear arms does not mean a right to own AR 15s, automatic weapons, grenade launchers, artillery, missile launchers etc. I feel that he will not be obligated to corporate interests. He knows climate change is real. He understands that we need to move to renewable energy as quickly as possible. He is for universal single payer health care, Equal Pay for Equal work, Equal rights for all . He is a true progressive on the issues. I believe he understands that extreme Income inequality that exists today leads to many of society's Ills and he would work for a fairer tax policy and other measures to help address that. I plan to learn more on his stand on excessive military spending and US meddling in internal affairs of other countries for all the wrong reasons and hope he understands that diplomacy is a better tool than military in most situations. Looking forward to hear more and am glad he is in the race. — George Michailow

First Alliance Consulting LLC. Would like to announce that we are endorsing Garry Hubbard for the 2nd District! — BeKura Shabazz

From health care to the environment to labor to social issues, Garry has a solid grasp of the policies that would benefit the overwhelming majority of Americans. He also is the only candidate in the Democratic primary that understands it takes more than "believing" in the right policies, sound bites, and maybe voting against a bad policy. We need to actually enact these good policies! Garry is the only candidate i've heard who seems to understand that crucial concept. — barry shatzman

I met Garry at a meeting I organized to capitalize on the gains made and keep the momentum going from the 2017 VA House race. During a round table discussion, Garry offered some great ideas and was an incredibly cordial, very interesting person to speak to. I especially like Mr. Hubbard's views on universal healthcare, women's rights, and gun control. As a veteran of the Navy, I feel he has a unique understanding of the needs of our military here in district 2 and that he'll work to support and help keep the bases operating and open. And, as a veteran myself, I appreciate that he is running for office. — Frankie Wise

Garry B. Hubbard for Congress
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